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homebirth kit-catalog page

homebirth kit-catalog page
Homebirth Kit for Karen Baker
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Premium Homebirth Kit
Herbs for Pregnancy and Lactation
Belly Casting

Jen Grieco Desmarais
25 4X4 gauze sponges
  1 Bulb syringe 
  6 Pairs Sterile gloves (size 6)
  2 Poly-backed mattress protector sheets
25 Underpads (chux)
  1 Blunt/Blunt scissors
  1 Cord Ring
  2 Cotton Baby Caps
  2 Mesh Sanitary Briefs
  1 Peri Bottle
  2 Peri Cold Packs
28 Sanitary Pads
  2 Oversized Sanitary Pads
  1 Disposable Tape Measure
  1 Large Plastic Bowl
  1 Kleenprinter Footprint Pad
  1 Special “Born at Home” Certificate with Footprint Space
Item #JF004

Price $59.42